Educate yourself.

Please don't just rely on me or anyone else for all your knowledge.  The links below will help you become more aware of choices and materials that will help your landscape be a reflection of you.  Remember landscapes are alive and require much thought before, during, and after installation. 

This is a great site to go and find the plant materials that you may need for your landscape.  I would also highly recommend their materials because they are usually of the highest quality and only sold at locations that care for them properly. 

Everyone loves Home and Garden TV 

 Clemson University is a great place to find information and expert advice about your landscape.  Clemson's extension office is also where I would recomend for you to take your soil samples before you begin your landscape.

Another great source for ideas 

A good source for visual ideas 

Another great source for pictures and ideas  

 This is a great source for information on sod and turf grasses for all areas.  You will also find some usefull information on how to maintain your lawn.

Found this site through a  9 year old named Aiden that was doing a career day project and inquired about my website.  Seems like a good place to get some outdoor living ideas and materials. Thanks Aiden

 The best solution that I having a lush beautiful lawn that I have found is to get on a customized Scotts Lawn Care Program.  This is also a very valuable resource for weed and other lawn problems.  Click the home tab on the Scotts page to get more information.