Everyone needs a professional on their side.  Why not start with a professional consultation or design before spending unnecessary time and money on work you may not need or want?  Find out what you really need to know from a local industry professional with over 15 years experience in the field.

What you could expect to receive (based on need, as much or little as you need):

  • Professional and experienced information about your options
  • Accurate to scale drawings with very detailed descriptions of scope of work individualized for your project
  • Sketches with descriptions of your job
  • Detailed drawings and specification sheets of expectations for your individual job for accountability purposes
  • Educated and informed information about your options
  • Estimated Low/Middle/High bids for your job
  • Free phone consultations on bids after submitted to help you find the best contractor for your needs
  • Web-Link to send to contractors when your project is ready for bids
  • A form for contractors to fill out with itemized bid options that can be returned for you to compare your options
  • Materials list with retail cost and local vendors
  • An online portfolio for your project with pictures, materials list, drawings, etc
  •  Narrative project information page with expectations for contractors
Rates are typically $60/hr including travel but will be fairly assessed based on job.  Flat rates are also available for certain job types.  There is also a reduced fee for project management jobs.  Please contact with questions about rates on your specific job.

Examples of Work

Total Landscape Designs, including hardscapes, plants, grass, irrigation, lighting, and more.  Need a plan to submit for ARC approval? 


 What kind of grass suits you best?  Zoysia, Centipede, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Fescue.  Should you sod, seed, hydro-seed, astro-turf? 


Need irrigation, if you need a plan, advise, one zone-thirty zones, I have the experience to give you the results you need.


Storm water control, drainage, bank retention, and access issues 


Designs for Landscape Beds and Gardens 


Patios and Outdoor Living 



Please list any more information in the form to the right. (Likes, dislikes, and any of your ideas)  Please remember that although most of our plans are low maintenance, no landscapes are no-maintenance.  This form is only for rough ideas and all aspects will be considered in design.  Please take a look at the links that I have added to give you some ideas.  Email me pictures of some of the ideas that you like and we can try to incorporate them into your landscape.  This is no form of contract or agreement between Homeowner and Justin Robinson.

Landscape Design Guide

The goal of our landscape design is to provide each customer a personalized landscape to suit their budget and lifestyle. The biggest mistake that most people make in landscaping is lack of planning. With a good plan you can create a living, livable landscape that can be enjoyed for years to come. I have years of landscaping experience including but not limited to: Planting, Sodding, Seeding, Landscape Lighting, drainage, retaining walls, irrigation, walkways, concrete, mulches, rock gardens, water gardens, maintenance, ground covers, arbors, statues, fountains, gazebos, patios and over 17 years of CAD experience. If you chose to purchase a landscape design from us, you will receive a CAD (Computer Aided Design) plot of your landscape plan, PDF copy of your landscape plan, and pricing for entire project. We posses a great amount of knowledge regarding plants from the upstate, and will utilize this knowledge, your ideas, and research to perfect our goal.

Please select all of the areas that you are interested in. If you have a question about any of these items please add to the message section above.